Lombok Car Hire (incl. driver + fuel)


At Lombok Network, we also provide car rental services including driver and fuel. This option is to complement your needs when needing a vehicle for a business that is flexible or does not rely on tight time. If there is a need for a shuttle service as if you would be with your personal driver, who will wait for you until you are done on an affair, etc., then this service is most appropriate for you.

Open customer recommendations about lombok network

A Van For a family of 5 - 7  Pax?

Yes, we have KIA Travelo with many seats available at affordable price.


Any other type of vehicles available?

Yes, we also have Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota New Hiace and more...


You create your own program, we prepare the best fleet to realize your program. You specify the time and duration that fits you.


For those who may want to linger enjoy the atmosphere of a place or a trip that is not bound by a condition or time, then this service is for you.