3 Days Forward, High Wave Bears | Updated Weather Info



Jakarta, (August 2, 2018) The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of Indonesia again issued a high-wave Early Warning in several Indonesian territorial waters.


According to his statement, BMKG Deputy Meteorology Mulyono Prabowo said that based on the monitoring of BMKG there was a high pressure pattern in the Western Waters of Australia, which could trigger an increase in Eastern wind speed at 55km / h across the West Indian Ocean Lampung to South Java, South Banten Waters, West Java.


"In addition to the increase in eastern wind speed, there is also an increase in swell height in the South East Java to Bali which resulted in high wave potential in some areas of Indonesian waters, especially in the Southwest Waters of Sumatra to South of East Nusa Tenggara Province NTT," said Prabowo.


According to Prabowo, this condition is predicted to continue until August 5, 2018 so that coastal communities, especially fishermen, need to be aware of high waves. "It is important to note the impact of risks on the safety of shipping," Prabowo added.


Prabowo explained that for fishing boats it is very susceptible to wind speeds of more than 15 knots (27 km / h) and wave height above 1.25 meters, meanwhile, barges need to be aware of risks in the event of a potential wind speed of more than 16 knots (30 km / hours) and high waves above 1.5 meters.


"In Sabang waters, the waters of Aceh - Nias, the southern Sunda Strait, the Southern waters of P. Sumba - P. Sawu - P. Rote, Western Sumba Strait, South Sape Strait, Sawu Sea, South Kupang waters need to be aware of the potential wave height is 2.5 - 4.0 meters, "Prabowo added.


"For ferries commonly used as crossing transportation, it is very vulnerable if there are wind speeds of more than 21 knots (39 km / h) with a wave height above 2.5 meters. Meanwhile, for large vessels, such as Cargo Ships / Cruise Ships, risky to sail if there is an increase in wind speed of more than 27 knots (50 km / h) and wave height above 4.0 meters, "said Prabowo.


For the next 3 days (3 August - 5 August 2018), communities and ships are urged to be aware of the potential for high waves of up to 6.0 meters. "High Wave 4.0 - 6.0 meters is likely to occur in Mentawai Islands Waters, Enggano Waters - Bengkulu, West Waters of Lampung, South Waters of Banten - East Java, Southern Waters Bali to Sumbawa, Bali Strait - Lombok - Alas Selatan, Mentawai West Indian Ocean South P.Sumbawa, "added Prabowo.


Meanwhile, the wave height of 1.25 to 2.5 meters is likely to occur in the northern part of the Malacca Strait, the Eastern Waters of P. Simeulue - Kep. Mentawai, North Sunda Strait, Timor Sea, South Flores Waters and Ombai Sea, North Natuna Sea, Kep. Anambas - Natuna, East Waters of Batam - Bintan P., Waters of North Bangka - Belitung, Natuna Sea and Karimata Strait, Java Sea, Makasar Strait, Kotabaru Sea, Sulawesi Sea, Kep. Sangihe - Talaud, North Maluku Sea, North Halmahera, and North Pacific Ocean Halmahera to West Papua.


Prabowo also appealed to the people who are enjoying the beauty of the beach to alert the danger of "Rip Current" which is a strong current that moves towards the middle of the ocean / ocean away from the shore, so it can sweep even the strongest swimmer.


Rip / Back Current occurs because of a wave encounter parallel to the shoreline causing high-speed backflow of up to 2m / s, depending on wave conditions, tidal and shoreline.


"BMKG also seeks to provide Rip Current danger warning to the public through social media," said Prabowo.


Furthermore, Prabowo appealed to the community, especially coastal communities and fishermen who carry out activities on the West Coast of Sumatra, South Java, Bali, NTB, NTT, and waters that have high wave potential, so as not to force themselves to go to sea and remain alert and alert in do shipping activities.


'It is expected that people will keep updating information from BMKG. In addition to the website BMKG (www.bmkg.go.id).

Spokesman Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Republic of Indonesia