Lombok, Indonesia was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake at 7:46 pm local time on 5 August 2018. A tsunami warning was issued but later cancelled. This follows a shallow magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck Lombok on 29 July 2018. Initial damage reports for the 5 August earthquake say North Lombok and the three Gili Islands have been the most impacted. National search and rescue teams and the Indonesian Red Cross are attempting to reach the areas and are conducting evacuations. There are reports that 90% of structures in North Lombok have been destroyed and that medical teams are needed. 


This devastating disaster caused severe damage. The island which previously relied on tourism as the main source of income for the area immediately became paralyzed. 


If any of our lovely Facebook friends and family could spare some change and donate to help make a small dent in assisting to rebuild these beautiful peoples lives we would be forever grateful. Whilst it won’t change what has happened we do hope it will make things a little easier for them.