Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfall Tour

This tour covers the whole of Lombok on northern part and presents you the experiences over the nature, culture and mankind civilization on this region through centuries.

You'll start the tour going through the coastline to visit Malimbu Look-out, then on to Tanjung Traditional Market, colorful local market with fruits and foods treaded by local people for their daily needs.

Sendang Gile Water Fall, located 600 meters above sea level on the foot of Rinjani Mountain. cool and quiet hill, gives you a comfortable rest. 300 meters down is the biggest waterfall in Lombok, irrigates the environment with it's crystal clear water coming from the nature. Senaru Traditional Village, where mountain tribe's life and civilization of past century still exist as a part of the nature. Bayan Old Mosque, one of the inestimable historical heritages of Islam in Lombok which is belief to be built upon Islam arrival on 16th century.