About Lombok Network

Lombok Network is a Destination Management Company (DMC) with legal status and registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, registered under the name PT BPW Lombok Network Holidays, in June 2006 in Mataram, Lombok Indonesia.

Company Name:

PT Lombok Network Holidays

License No: 


Year Of Foundation: 2006

Founder / CEO: Raden Supardi

Area Coverage: Bali, Lombok, Flores


  • ASITA (Association Of Indonesian Travel Agency)
  • TNGR (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani)

Business History and Travel

PT. Lombok Network Holidays committed to being the leading travel operator in Indonesia with exceptional customer service and creative products.


Our existence as a fully licenced local tour company with its up-to-date content has proven to have helped many tourists and prospective tourists to smooth their trips, although it is limited only to see ship crossing schedules, flight schedules or questions regarding what is the latest, the impact of an event or what do's and dont's so as to make information develop quickly.


With the rapid development of information technology, the traveling trend is developing quite rapidly. This must be balanced by the availability of resources that are flexible and able to adapt to the times. As you might have been aware of, nowadays, everyone are free to choose various products offered through online travel outlets (OTA) at a very competitive prices, but when it is connected to a service business, then local operators are still needed. For this reason we must remain exist amid the onslaught of the existing competition..


The information that you can access through this web site contains more products that you can order instantly. Enabling more individual tourists to make decisions right away. For those who want to connect business to business or who plan to travel in groups, you can contact us manually via WhatsApp then we will make special or customized packages based on request..

Social Mission & Caring for Others

Lombok has just experienced a devastating earthquake with Magnitude 7.0 in August 2018 and has left a significant impact both on infrastructure and social losses. Then in early 2020 until the time the website was updated, the coona-19 corona pandemic virus caused new difficulties and a wide-ranging impact on local communities who were dependent on the tourism destination sector.


In the midst of hopes of a revival in the tourism sector, it turns out that aftershocks in the form of deadly virus attacks throughout the world have actually weakened the economic conditions of the people of Lombok including us (Lombok Network) which are also part of local entrepreneurs engaged in the tourism sector.


These conditions and difficulties inspired us to start decide in helping the local community as much as we could by setting aside 5% of our net profit to be donated directly to the communities in need. The assistance can later be in the form of distributing daily food and drink to the poor, sanitation, health and education facilities. We will start with the small ones, according to our ability and those who buy our products & service directly, you have contributed to help this program..