Public ferries' provide services for both passengers and vehicles. Public Ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa, daily departure from Labuan Kayangan (East Lombok) to Pototano (West Sumbawa).


Since April 24th, 2020, all Airport and Seaport in Indonesia closed temporarily to stop the spread of the covid-19 viruses.

For businessmen and prospective passengers with the exception, they must meet the COVID-19 handling protocol by filling out the documents and attaching them before departureread more...



Adult Passenger: .....IDR 21,000

Children: ................IDR 13,000



Bicycle....................IDR 31,500

Motorcycle <500 cc) IDR 59,500

Motorcycle >500 cc) IDR 96,000



Car or Sedan < 5 m......IDR 475,000

Pick Up Truck < 5 m......IDR 446,000

Medium Trucks < 7 m ...IDR 669,000

Medium Bus < 7 m .......IDR  745,000

Large Trucks < 10 m .....IDR 1,047,000

Large Bus < 10 m .........IDR 1,188,000

Truck or Trailer < 12 m ..IDR 1,738,000

Truck or Trailer < 16 m ..IDR 2,190,000

Trailer > 16 M .............IDR 2,793,000

Prices subject to changes without prior notice

Pelabuhan Kayangan, ASDP Kayangan
Labuhan Kayangan (Kayangan Port), located in East Lombok

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do we buy the ferry tickets?

A:  Just go show, pay at the harbour. Each ferry ticket will be stamped based on date of issuance.


Q: Can we buy the ferry ticket online or in advanced?

A: At the moment you can't buy them online or in advanced. 


Q: How is the ferry schedule and operating hours? 

A: In the normal days, the public ferry depart every hour, day time or night time, operating 24 hours. However, there's no fixed time of departure. All depends on the weather condition, loading during embarkation or disembark.


Q: Is this the ferry company?

A: No, we are not. We are just a travel company that provide useful information from various resources to help travelers. 

COVID-19 Handling Protocol - For prospective guests or passengers with the exception

For business people and prospective guests or passengers with the exception, they must meet the COVID-19 handling protocol by filling out the documents and attaching them before departure based on the following conditions:

  • Health certificate from the local hospital, which explains COVID-19 free or negative with a maximum provision of seven (7) days after the results of the test come out, has carried out a series of examinations through the method of rapid diagnostic tests (rapid diagnostic tests), swab tests or PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • Specifically fill in the statement letter on the PSBB (Large-scale Social Distancing) route or the Red Zone.
  • Attach a travel certificate from the agency / institution / company explaining that the prospective guest or passenger traveling.
  • For logistic traders or entrepreneurs who do not have an institution, they can make a statement to trade / transaction correctly.
  • Following other provisions stipulated by the Government.