Ferry From Surabaya to Lombok

Good News for those who intensively have been traveling Surabaya - Lombok (vice versa)



The duration of the trip from Surabaya - Lombok takes about 20 hours. 


Since April 24th, 2020, all Airport and Seaport in Indonesia closed temporarily to stop the spread of the covid-19 viruses.

For businessmen and prospective passengers with the exception, they must meet the COVID-19 handling protocol by filling out the documents and attaching them before departureread more...


This ship is managed by PT Angkutan Sungai Danau Penyebrangan (ASDP) Indonesia Ferry and has a considerable carrying capacity. The transport capacity includes 60 units of large trucks, 70 units of family vehicles, and 800 passengers. Interior facilities at KMP Legundi are modern.


Facilities at KMP Legundi

When boarding the ship, you are free to choose the desired seat, because there is no difference in seat class. Every room in KMP Legundi is equipped with air conditioning, therefore for those who smoke, prohibited to smoke in the room. And for those who don't like air conditioning can go to the upper deck.


KMP Legundi has 3 indoor cafes and 1 outdoor cafeteria. There you will find many mattresses that are provided free of charge for those who want to sleep during a long journey to Lombok. Seats in KMP Legundi also use the reclining seat model, so you can adjust yourself to an upright or lying position if you don't get a mattress. Each distance of 6 chairs is also available in the middle of the table so that you can make it easier for you who want to eat food or just use a laptop



Adult: ...........IDR 87,000

Children: .......IDR 62,000


Bicycle ....................IDR 132,000

Motorcycle <500 cc..IDR 225,000

Motorcycle >500 cc..IDR 420,000


Car or Sedan < 5 m...IDR 1,525,000

Pick Up Truck < 5 m...IDR 1,392,000

Medium Bus < 7 m.....IDR 2,937,000

Large Bus < 10 m.......IDR 4,847,500


Medium Trucks < 7 m ..IDR 2,474,000

Large Trucks < 10 m ....IDR 3,966,500

Truck or Trailer < 12 m  IDR 5,024,000

Truck or Trailer < 16 m  IDR 7,279,000

Truck or Trailer > 16 m  IDR 11,434,000

Price includes driver/people

How to book

You can order KMP Legundi tickets by coming to the ASDP Surabaya office located at

Jalan Kalimas Baru No. 194 A, Perak Utara, Pabean Cantian, Surabaya, East Java 60165, Indonesia.

Or you can also contact the ASDP at the following number:




Or ASDP Cabang Lembar 

Loket Penjualan Tiket KMP Legundi dan Lobi Tunggu Dermaga Ferry Lembar:

Lembar, Lombok Barat, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83364, Indonesia

Office: +62 370 681313


Adult: .............IDR 90,000

Children: .........IDR 65,000



Bicycle ........................IDR 153,000

Motorcycle <500 cc .....IDR 233,000

Motorcycle >500 cc .....IDR 433,000


Car or Sedan < 5 m..IDR 1,554,000

Pick Up Truck < 5 m ..IDR 1,411,000

Medium Bus < 7 m....IDR 3,000,000

Large Bus < 10 m......IDR 4,954,000


Med. Trucks < 7 m ..IDR 2,505,000

Large Trucks < 10 m IDR 4,009,000

Trailer <16 m .........IDR 5,073,000

Trailer >16 m..........IDR 7,339,000

VIP ROOM ............IDR 200,000

How To Book


Jalan Perak Barat No. 61, Surabaya - Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Office: +62 31 99221232 (Bpk. I Ketut Suwasta)

Mobile: +62 81216601929 (Bpk. Waluyo W.R),

+62 81233436952 (Bpk. Yuska Mahendra A)




Jalan Raya Pelabuhan Lembar, Kec. Lembar, Lombok Barat, NTB, Indonesia

Office: +62 370 6187520


Mobile: +62 81239230201 (Bpk. Nurdin Ishak), +62 81347222499 (Bpk. Danny Anjasmoro)

But we suggest that you still come to their office, because via telephone is very rarely served.

But if you don't have the chance you can also order tickets online in the following way:

Visit PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry's website https://tiket.indonesiaferry.co.id/

Select the port from Surabaya and the destination port for Sheet. Select your desired departure date with the type of passenger service. And determine how many tickets you want to buy according to the age criteria that will take part in the trip to differentiate prices. Click Show.

Then a lift schedule will appear next to it. Select the departure schedule you want. Click Next.

Fill in the customer data as requested.

Then fill in the data of passengers who will take part in this trip. Keep in mind that the name must be filled in with the customer's original name in accordance with the ID card or driver's license or a valid passport.

Then the passenger data details and total will be paid out. If it is appropriate, click Payment.

Choose the payment method you want. And make payments before 3 hours.

If you have paid, please check your email and it will appear in the inbox. And if it's not there it usually will be in the spam folder.

COVID-19 Handling Protocol - For prospective guests or passengers with the exception

For business people and prospective guests or passengers with the exception, they must meet the COVID-19 handling protocol by filling out the documents and attaching them before departure based on the following conditions:

  • Health certificate from the local hospital, which explains COVID-19 free or negative with a maximum provision of seven (7) days after the results of the test come out, has carried out a series of examinations through the method of rapid diagnostic tests (rapid diagnostic tests), swab tests or PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • Specifically fill in the statement letter on the PSBB (Large-scale Social Distancing) route or the Red Zone.
  • Attach a travel certificate from the agency / institution / company explaining that the prospective guest or passenger traveling.
  • For logistic traders or entrepreneurs who do not have an institution, they can make a statement to trade / transaction correctly.
  • Following other provisions stipulated by the Government.