Guide, Porters & Equipment

Hiring a professional local guide & porters are required to enter Mt Rinjani National Park. A model of eco tourism concept has been developed to give positive impacts to the local community of Lombok.

When you book a trekking package with us, all major camping gears including guide and porters, park fees, admission, food and beverages are included. 

Our Philosophy

We deal largely in ecotourism & adventure travel, but for us adventures are not just the rugged kind. An adventure can take many forms and need involve little that is overly strenuous - to us every trip is a voyage of discovery and hence an adventure. The guiding philosophy behind each is that the trip be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means impacting as little as possible on the peoples and places we visit, always respecting the distinctiveness and special qualities of each. The way we do it must be environmentally-friendly as well as economically and physically efficient. This means we trek, cook, camp and shows you more of the things with care and attentions. We use mechanized transport when we have to cover long distances in limited time; even so, we use local modes of transportation as far as possible to maximize exposure to the local lifestyles and to get close to the people. As a consequence, during the tours there is a lot of opportunity to learn about and from the indigenous peoples.

Mountain Guides and Porters

We hire only professional mountain guide and porters from the nearest villages in the area of Rinjani National Park who has pass the guiding and handling test and hold a valid guide license. Lombok Network is keen to develop the Eco Tourism Concept, giving as much as benefit to the local community to improve their standard of living. 




To guarantee the comfort and safety, we use standard fully air-con vehicles during the pick up and transfer service. 


Park Fees

Fees are paid at the Rinjani Trek Center included in the ticket. They contribute to the protection, maintenance and management of the national park, rinjani trek route, village attractions and visitor facilities. 

Waterproof Camping Tents

For camping tents, we use La Fuma® tents, a French brand, designed to keep you cool and comfortable in temperate environments. What makes a good tent? For starters, one that can protect you from the elements, a tent with a proven weather protection system to help keep you dry.


Sleeping Mattress

For Deluxe Service we use sponge sleeping mattresses for a softer feel as well as keeps you up off the ground.


Cooking Equipment

All food served fresh and well cooked. Processed onsite with clean cooking equipment and use no wood for fire to preserve the nature. We use portable outdoor gas stove. Our well trained porters and guide will feed you with variety of meals during the trek programme.


Food & Beverages

We serve you with three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with additional snack break, biscuits & cookies, fresh fruits and minimum of 2 large bottled water feeding per day per person. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate are available anytime you wish. 


Drinking Water

Water is essential. Minimum of 2 bottles of bottled water provided for each guest per day, ensuring you stay fit during and after the trek. We provide safe drinking bottled water.