Places to Stay in Mataram

There are plenty of good quality hotels, hostels to stay in Mataram from medium to low budget. For either business or leisure, Mataram is a clean and friendly city to explore. Food stalls, shopping malls are the main attraction of this town. Most places to stay are centrally located in Cakranegara and a few old places in Ampenan.






Hotel Santika Mataram 

Jln. Pejanggik Mataram


Mataram Square Hotel 

Jl. R. Suprapto No. 21 A - Mataram


Villa Sayang 

Ds. Sayang - Sayang, Lombok


Hotel Grand Legi 

Jl. Sriwijaya 81 Mataram Lombok


Lombok Raya Hotel 

Jl. Panca Usaha 11 Mataram Lombok


Lombok Plaza Hotel

Jl. Pejanggik No.8 Mataram - Lombok


Graha Ayu Hotel 

Jl. Ismail Marzuki Mataram Lombok


Hotel Lombok Garden 

Jl. Bung Karno Mataram Lombok


Hotel Handika 

Jl. Panca Usaha 3 Mataram Lombok


Griya Asri Hotel 

Jl. Pendidikan 56 Mataram Lombok


The Lombok CRC

Sesela Mataram Lombok


Zaitun Selaparang 

Jl. Pejanggik Cakranegara Lombok


Hotel Ratih

Jl. Pejanggik 127 Cakaranegara Lombok


Puri Indah Hotel

Jl. Sriwijaya Mataram Lombok


Mataram Hotel

Jl. Pejanggik Cakaranegara Lombok


Kartika I & II Hotel

Jl. Subak I/16 Cakaranegara Lombok


Hotel Selaparang

Jl. Pejanggik Cakaranegara Lombok


Losmen Ayu

Jl. Nursiwan Cakaranegara Lombok


Hotel Pusaka

Jl. Sultan Hasanudin Cakra Lombok


Hotel Arum Jaya

Jl. Pancaka 27 Mataram Lombok


Losmen Srikandi

Jl. Kebudayaan 2 Mataram Lombok


Hotel Candra

Jl. Pancawarga 55 Mataram Lombok


Astiti Hotel

Jl. Panca Usaha 2 Cakranegara Lombok


Hotel Kertayoga

Jl. Pejanggik 64 Cakaranegara Lombok


Cakrajaya Hotel

Jl. Tenun 1 Cakranegara Lombok


Widya Wisata Hotel

Jl. Airlangga 4 Mataram Lombok


Mareje Sariguna I-II Hotel

Jl. Pariwisata 9 & 26 Mataram Lombok


Airlangga Hotel

Jl. Airlangga 3A Mataram Lombok


Mega Hotel

Jl. Panca Usaha 3 Mataram Lombok


Istana Hotel

Jl. Sriwijaya Mataram Lombok


Hotel Nusantara I

Jl. Suprapto 28 Mataram Lombok


Rinjani Hotel

Jl. Catur Warga 18A Mataram Lombok


Wisma Nusantara

Jl. Beo 10 Cakranegara Lombok


Ida Homestay

Jl. Swara Mahardika 26 Mataram Lombok


Hotel Surabaya

Jl. Tgh. Faisal 10 Sweta Lombok


Losmen Zahir

Jl. Yos Sudarso Ampenan Lombok


Losmen Tunas Mekar

Jl. Tumpang Sari Mataram Lombok


Hotel Paseban

Jl. Panca Usaha Mataram Lombok


Hotel Wisata

Jl. Koperasi Ampenan Lombok


Hotel Santi Puri

Jl. Maktal Cakranegara Lombok


Arca Hotel

Cakranegara Lombok


Ganessa Inn

Cakranegara Lombok


Inter Inn

Cakranegara Lombok


Astawa Hotel

Cakranegara Lombok


Sudi Inn

Cakranegara Lombok


Hotel Orendo

Sweta Lombok