Tanjung Luar: Buginese Settlement

From Batu Nampar the journey continues to the north and near Ganti to the east, to two coastal settlements: Ekas and Tanjung Luar. To reach Ekas, we turn south, pass Jerowaru (markets on Thursdays) and follow a good, unpaved road until the village at the eastern shore of the Awang bay. The road runs through a nice landscape along salt panes and low coastal hills. We can probably find a motorized canoe in Ekas for the way back to Batu Nampar of Awang. To reach Tanjung Luar you have to go to the east from Ganti, through Keruak and further to the coast.


Tanjung Luar is inhabited by Buginese migrans grom South-Sulawesi. Most residents are fishermen; they mainly catch squid, especially in the period October to April. On the long, curvy black sand beach are hundreds of small boats, and right of the pier are several bigger boats. At low tide the village people go on the flat reef to look for shells. Also be careful at the beach, it is often used as public toilet as well. In Tanjung Luar we can rent boats for a daytrip to Tanjung Ringgit on the southeastern most tip of the peninsula. There is not much else to see northeast of Tanjung Luar. On the way back you should stop near Keruak, to see the traditional canoe building. Craftsmen work along the southern side of the road, just before the crossing in the center of the town.

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