Lombok's Favorite Tours & Excursions

Some people like having all things planned for them. They like to wake up, knowing what the days is going to bring and someone is there for tours, sightseeing and activities, with knowledge to answer questions. Our escorted tours offer just that. Our Tour Guides not only know their homelands of Lombok, but also are passionate about introducing it to our guests. Simply pack and relax. We'll do the rest.

Lombok Island offers tourists a vast array of activities, adventures and destinations.

Whether you like a relaxing beach vacation, an action-packed adventure trek, day trips, or a crazy time in and on the water, Lombok offers a variety of destinations to suit different holidaymakers' tastes.

Lombok city tour

This is a half day tour covering some destination in west Lombok such as: Mayura, the royal floating palace (Bale Kambang), Narmada Water Park, local market and Introductory to famous local culinary...

Duration: 4-5 hours

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Sasak Traditional Tour

This classic full day tour will cover the most Lombok has to offer; Banyumulek Earthenware Pottery Village, Sukarare hand weaving village, Sade & Rambitan for a unique Lombok's tribe village and the famous beach of Kuta / Mandalika in South of Lombok.

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Basket & Local Crafts Tour

Kota Raja (Loyok), on the eastern part of Lombok, where locals make plaited bamboo crafts; baskets, wallets and bags. Another village called Beleke, a village in central Lombok where they make rattan handicrafts and wood carving

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Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfall Tour

This tour covers the whole of Lombok and presents you the experiences over the nature, culture and mankind civilization Sendang Gile Waterfall & Tiu Kelep Waterfalls. cool and quiet hill...

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Gili Islands Day Trip 

The tour will take you to Gili Air and Gili Meno for snorkeling and sightseeing. Lunch served on the island. On your return, drive through coast line, stops at Malimbu hill a good spot for photograph over looking Sunset on Bali Island.

Duration: 8 Hours

Gili Islands Explorer

This tour is specially designed to see all the three Gili Islands in one day. We combine panorama countryside with the famous of the Gili islands. A Full day tour full of sea activities. Lunch and snorkeling gear are inclusive.

Duration: 8 Hours

Dive Trip To Gili Islands

Daily dive trip or snorkeling trip to the gilis includes return transfers, boat, equipment and dive guide. Certified diver and non diver (accompanion) can join. This tour will take you exploring the famous dive sites of the gilis.

Duration: 8 Hours

Pink Beach Tour

This tour will take you to the famous of Pink Beach or the locals named it Tangsi Beach, located on Eastern part of Lombok. Depart early from the hotel, participants will be taken by local's boat visiting all the beautiful islands nearby.

Duration: 8 Hours

Golfing at Kosaido 

For those with golf in their mind, Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club located in North Lombok, offer golfers of all level from 9 holes to 18 holes with its highlight of beach side opposite from Gili Air.

Duration: 6 Hours

Golfing at Rinjani GEC

Rinjani Golf Club is located 30 minutes from Mataram at the foothill of Golong-Sedau Narmada. Rinjani Golf Club offers convenient access for those who stay in Kuta Lombok, Mataram, Senggigi...

Duration: 6 Hours

Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis, Gili Sudak Day Trip 

A full day tour exploring Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis from Lombok. Snorkeling in its clear crystal water and see wondeful coral reef, also enjoy the beauty of white sand beaches. Tour includes lunch and snorkeling gears.

Duration: 8 Hours

Lombok Car Hire (incl. Driver + Petrol)

Lombok car hire, another flexible option for those who want to explore lombok without having the guide or follow the fixed itinerary from the tour company. Do anything you like, stop anywhere, or spent time relaxing...

Duration: Flexible