The Islands; Bali and Lombok separated by Lombok Strait. If you travel on a budget, public ferry is the alternative mode of transportation to reach Lombok. It departs from Padang Bai (East Bali) to Lembar (West Lombok). Ferry service depart every interval of one hour, operating 24 hours, unless weather condition is bad, there will be no operations (suspended).




Afternoon Departure of Fast Boat Operation Suspended from 16 - 19th August, 2017. Regular Public Ferry run as normal.

"For all high-speed boats and boats that its body rises less than three meters to suspend its departure until weather conditions improve."


Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of Denpasar region predicts wave height of sea in south Bali waters ranged between 1.0 - 4.0 meters and 0.5 - 4.0 meters in the waters of Bali Strait and Lombok Strait waters. While in the waters of North Bali ranges from 0.5 to 2.0 meters.

Officer In Charge in Padang Bai: 

+62 (0) 363 41188 (Local Number Only, No WA)

Last Updated August 17, 2017 


Public ferries' provide services for both passengers and vehicles. The trip normally takes four hours (but it can be considerably longer in poor weather). This service runs 24 hours a day. It should be understood that this ferry has a poor safety record. While they are cheap, it can cost quite a bit extra to get to Padangbai so its worth comparing all alternatives.


Lembar Harbour, Lombok Indonesia

Lembar in the south west of the island is Lombok's main port and handles small freighters, fishing boats and the combination vehicle and passenger ferries heading westward to Bali.


Padang Bai Harbour, East Bali Indonesia

Padang Bai is a small port town in East Bali, the port for ferry terminal from/to Lombok. Situated in Northeast of Gianyar 29 km, from Kuta 62 km, and from Denpasar 56 km. Padang Bai can be reached from Sanur in more and less 1 hour.

Ferry TARIFF (Updated): Bali - Lombok - Bali

 Passengers (People):   Adult  IDR 43,000
  Children IDR 28,000
 Vehicles (2 wheels):   (I) Bicycle IDR 63,000
  (II) Motorbike <500 CC IDR 121,000
  (III) Motorbike >500 CC IDR 241,000
 Vehicles (4 wheels):   (IV.a) Sedan (mobil pribadi) IDR 862,000
  (IV.b) Pick up (mobil barang) IDR 808,000
  (V.a) Minibus (bus ukuran sedang)  IDR 1,744,000
  (V.b) Truck medium size (truk ukuran sedang) IDR 1,429,000
  (VI.a) Big Bus (bus ukuran besar) IDR 2,948,000
  (VI.b) Big Truck (Truk ukuran besar/FUSO) IDR 2,347,000
  (VII) Trailer (Truk Trailer) <12 M IDR 2,998,000
  (VIII) Trailer (Truk Trailer) <16 M IDR 4,450,000
  (IX) Trailer Truck >16 M IDR 6,693,000

Prices subject to changes without prior notice (Harga dapat berubah-ubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan sebelumnya)


Public Ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa, daily departure from Labuan Kayangan (East Lombok) to Pototano (West Sumbawa).

Travel time is approx 1,5 hour. Operating 24 hours non-stop unless weather does not permitted.

Ferry TARIFF (Updated): Lombok - Sumbawa - Lombok

Passengers (People):   Adult (Dewasa) IDR 23,500
  Children (Anak-anak) IDR 15,500
Vehicles (2 wheels):   (I) Bicycle (sepeda) IDR 31,500
  (II) Motorbike (sepeda motor) <500 CC IDR 59,500
  (III) Motorbike (sepeda motor) >500 CC IDR 96,000
Vehicles (4 wheels):   (IV.a) Sedan (mobil pribadi) IDR 475,000
  (IV.b) Pick up (mobil barang) IDR 446,000
  (V.a) Minibus (bus ukuran sedang)  IDR 745,000
  (V.b) Truck medium size (truk ukuran sedang) IDR 669,000
  (VI.a) Big Bus (bus ukuran besar) IDR 1,188,000
  (VI.b) Big Truck (Truk ukuran besar/FUSO) IDR 1,047,000
  (VII) Trailer (Truk Trailer) <12 M IDR 1,738,000
  (VIII) Trailer (Truk Trailer) <16 M IDR 2,190,000
  (IX) Trailer Truck >16 M IDR 2,793,000

Prices subject to changes without prior notice (Harga dapat berubah-ubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan sebelumnya)

Tips to avoid hassles at the harbor

Disembark from Padang Bai or arriving at Lembar Harbour do not let a local porter take your bags/luggage unless you have negotiated absolutely what you will pay before he puts his hands on your bags. Best to avoid the service completely if possible as it can be fraught with complications over prices. 


Stay safe

The ferries used on the run between Lombok and Bali do not conform to many Internationally recognized safety and operational standards.

It is prudent to keep alert and be aware of your position and situation whilst on board and make yourself aware of the positioning of life preserving equipment.

If inside the main cabin or below decks try to ensure you orient yourself to the layout of the ships decks and emergency exits especially if travelling at night.

You should maintain a clear head and use caution at all times when embarking and disembarking as the decks and ramps can be slippery and the passengers can at times behave in a chaotic manner especially when disembarking.

Be aware that heavy vehicles as well as cars and motorbikes are moving onto and off the ships at the dock and will using the same loading ramp as the passengers. Be careful to keep track of your bags and watch out for pick pockets if in a crowd waiting to board or disembark.

Getting from Lembar Harbour

If you're arriving in Lembar and need a transport, you'll find the Lembar bemo drivers or local's public transports hard bargainers. 

If you want to be free from the hassles, you can pre-order a private transport /shuttle or taxi service (min. a day in advanced):


LEMBAR - LOMBOK AIRPORT ...............................USD 38 / VAN  (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW


LEMBAR - MATARAM, AMPENAN..........................USD 38 / VAN    (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW

LEMBAR - SENGGIGI, MANGSIT.............................USD 45 / VAN    (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW

LEMBAR - BANGSAL/TELUK NARE........................USD 50 / VAN    (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW

LEMBAR - SENARU................................................USD 68 / VAN    (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW

LEMBAR - SEMBALUN...........................................USD 78 / VAN    (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW

LEMBAR - TETEBATU (EAST LOMBOK)..................USD 68 / VAN    (MAX. 5 PAX)  |  BOOK NOW

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