Tete Batu & Sapit Village

Tete Batu

Tete Batu is a village in high 700 meters above the sea level. Tete Batu village famous with its beautiful view that is exactly original with cool weather, fresh and pure air, make you feel relax and comfortable.

Societies in Tete Batu is very kind and friendly. Most of them work in farm and cultivate it traditonally, make the situation more classic and natural.


For accomodation to Tete Batu we travelled during 1 hour from Lombok International Airport to East Lombok where Tete Batu is located. There are a variety of facilities including accomodation, such as Soedjono Hotel and Green Orry Cottage that provide restaurant and comfortable rooms. Stay in Tete Batu is the best choice if you visit many tourist areas around Rinjani mountain, because Tete Batu is located midway to other tourist areas such as Aik temer and Jeruk Manis waterfall.


Sapit Village 

Sapit is a traditional village which located in Swela district, East Lombok regency. The distances between Sapit village to Lombok international airport is about 110 meters, spend about 2 hour for arriving there which located in Sembalun, near Rinjani mountain. There are 2 major things that make Sapit village interesting, their agriculture and mountain view. From Sapit village we can see indonesian’s oceans, Alas strain and also we can see top of Rinjani mountain clearly. Sapit village societies cultivate farms traditionally. Before arriving there, you can enjoy a tour to Lemor swimming pool spring and forest tourism. There availabe homestays and mini hotels.

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