Fast Boat From Kayangan (East Lombok) to Benete (West Sumbawa)

In addition to using the ferry, an alternative mode of transportation from Lombok to Sumbawa is using the KSB Express fast boat.

This fast boat was previously only used limited to the staff and employees of PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, a joint venture engaged in the mining of gold, copper and silver, but now it can be enjoyed by the public.

The route Kayangan (East Lombok) - Benete (West Sumbawa) is only 1 - 1,5 hour away. Besides being fast, this fast ship is also clean and has a modern interior design and fully air-conditioned.


Passenger luggage is separated from the seat so that it provides its own comfort for passengers who want to sail and each passenger seat is equipped with safety equipment at the center of the trip.



If you want to visit Sumbawa Island to enjoy its natural beauty, or for surfers, make sure you have ordered a vehicle beforehand because public transportation is rather rare in this island.

The tariff charged for public passengers is 135,000 rupiahs, while for indigenous people who are native to Sumbawa island, the tariff is only 100,000 rupiahs. But all get the same treatment that is getting a strict examination of themselves and luggage and must comply with all crossing regulations. A credit card-sized boarding pass must be properly guarded, negligence causing loss can be penalized for not aboard this ship for three months.

KSB Express Schedule:

This fast boat serves the Kayangan - Benete route twice a day.

Passengers must check in and standby 30 minutes before departure.


Morning Schedule:

Benete - Kayangan at 8:00

Kayangan - Benete at 10:00

Afternoon Schedule:

Benete - Kayangan at 14.00

Kayangan - Benete at 16.00


Jln. Raya Pelabuhan Benete
Kec. Maluk- Sumbawa Barat

Telp/Fax : 0372 – 635106
Mobile (WA) : 082341908689 / 081339614665
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