Malang is a city located in the province of East Java, Indonesia. It is located 90 km south of Surabaya and is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya.

Malang is known as one of the educational objectives prominent in Indonesia because many universities and polytechnics public and private -known to all of Indonesia and became one of the goals of education are in this city, some of which the most famous is the University of Brawijaya University of Malang, and University of Malang.

Another name of this town is the city of flowers, because in ancient times Malang is considered very beautiful and pretty with lots of trees and flowers that thrive and grow beautiful and lush. Malang also dubbed Parijs van Oost - Java, because the beauty of the city like the city "Paris " in eastern Java. Moreover, Malang also earned the nickname Zwitserland van Java because of the beauty of the city is surrounded by mountains and the landscapes are neat, equaling the Swiss state in Europe. Malang is also gradually is known as a shopping city, because of the many malls and factory outlets scattered around the city. This is what makes the city of Malang is widely known to have uniqueness, namely because of its resemblance to the city of Bandung in West Java province, including in terms of geography, the nickname, and the development of the city.